do you like music?

In honor of the Fifth of November Kev and I made V-shaped pancakes and watch the infamous Camera Timer Saga from our first Fifth of November celebration. For the past few weeks Kev and I have been constructing a miniature version of Parliament out of various cardboard boxes. Parliament features boxes of: Tazo Tea, Spaghetti, Aluminum Foil, Orange Juice, Nutella, Lasagna, Butter, Votives, and Junior Achievement.IMG_6488We managed to acquire a generous amount of fireworks (brothers come in handy…) with which we lined each of the boxes. After it was all aligned and hot-glued together we spray painted it a very dull gray which made it very strongly resemble the Daily Bugle room portion of the line for the Spider-man ride at Universal Studios. For the final touch we attached Big Ben’s clock faces.ParliamentLast night at 11:40 we headed to a remote location with bowls/pitchers of water, trash bags, cameras, V masks, Lighter fluid, and Parliament. At approximately 12:00, the beginning of the Fifth of November, we struck the match and Parliament started to explode. IMG_6502“Kristin and I blew up parliament tonight. All went well, there are no injuries, there is no damage, and we were not arrested.”