the black spot

On our day off we took a drive along the Costa de la Muerte.


IMG_6948Supposedly if you pass under this rock nine times you will be purified from your sins.


IMG_6953somebody left their shoes to enjoy the view!



talking showers

IMG_6887Back before I was a college dropout, it was required for me to complete three internships “before graduating”. For my first one, I was sort of in gear to go to Alaska. That didn’t work out, and instead, all of the sudden the opportunity to go to Spain and work at a bed & breakfast arose. It was a ‘friend of a friend’ sort of deal. The specifics didn’t take long to sort, and it all started happening only two weeks after I heard about it. The times in my life where I’ve actually done interesting things have come together really quickly.

This was my first solo traveling experience. The airport security folks were kind enough to let my mom through to sit with me at the gate. We spent two hours sitting together, and then I was gone. Off to an airport in a strange part of my own country, followed by an airport in a strange other country, and then released into a foreign land as a small, curious, insignificant foreigner. Spain would be thoroughly unaffected by my three month presence there, considering my very little interaction with the greater part of its occupants. But I would be greatly changed by my experience living outside of my own country. Outside of my known world.

IMG_0098Hotel Rústico Santa Eulalia, Mazaricos, Spain.
The bed and breakfast where I spent very long days learning Spanish mostly from a six-year-old, washing endless dishes, baking breads and biscuits (aka cookies) and pies and so on, changing bed linens once and again, reading twelve or so books, watching Spanish-dubbed American movies, painstakingly reading Spanish magazines alongside an old Spanish-to-English dictionary, and a hundred other little things.

I spent the wee-est hours of the night at my host’s house. I had my own room, but my time spent there was minimal. On days off here and there I would walk down the road to a beautiful creek, sharpen my pool skills with John Paul, care for the garden we planted, or just sit on my windowsill and gaze at the windmills perched upon the surrounding mountains.


MondayThe animals of my hosts. Friday and Monday, respectively.