my almost-certain-but-not-absolutely future

So apparently a number of people are wondering about my plans.

You are not alone.
Most of the time I do not know my plans either.

I am not a fan of making plans because…they fall through: things change, people are not always reliable (including me!), and you get tied down. I am not comfortable with having to stay in one place or do a certain thing for a set amount of time. I suppose someday I will have to get over that. That day will not fall within this upcoming year. Unless God pulls something unexpected on me. Which, is probable. So…who knows, really?

As it stands, and this is relatively certain, I will be living in Ireland in the fall. I am leaving approximately August 12, 2011 and returning approximately November 12, 2011.
I am going with a program called WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) Basically hosts provide food, accommodation, and their knowledge of and experience in various forms of farming in exchange for a couple of hours of work each day.

I chose Ireland because it is the next place on my list of places to go. I chose to do the WWOOF program because it is an incredible opportunity to travel and live for free, experience new cultures, and learn about all sorts of things that I am interested in (gardening, farming, keeping bees, living sustainably, etc). I hope to open my own bed & breakfast someday, and I plan to have a giant garden to go along with it. Unlike my brother, I am not fabulously talented at things merely by reading about them. I need to actually do it to learn it. This seems like an awesome way to get that experience.Plus, did I mention I get to live in Ireland? Have you seen how gorgeous that place is?

As far as specifics go: I am currently set to stay with three hosts.
The first placement is for two weeks. The host owns a hotel and a garden that supplies food for the hotel. I will be working mainly in the garden.
The second placement is for a month. The hosts sell produce from their garden at local markets. I will be working in the garden, working with farm animals, and likely helping sell at the market as well.
The third placement is also a month long. It is a goat farm on an island. I’ll be making cheese and ice cream, working with the goats, gardening, and selling stuff in their shop. I should probably acquire a taste for goat milk…
I will likely find one more host for late August.

Through the limited contact I have had with my hosts thus far, I have deduced that they are all incredibly friendly, laid-back, and generous. Farmer/gardener/nature-y/sustainable people who open their home up to strangers seem like my kind of people. Someday I hope I can be on the other side of the picture. I would love to be in a position where I can provide people with the opportunity to travel and learn. I just really like sharing life with people.

I have not planned past November. I am waiting until I get to Ireland to make any further decisions. If Wwoofing is going well I will probably continue in December or January until next summer. Maybe in Ireland again, perhaps in Washington (state). Though, if my life is anything like it is usually I could end up in Tunisia working as a bellhop. I will let you know when I figure it out…or when it happens.

My next set plans are in next August-ish when I will be embarking on a three-month road trip of the perimeter of the USA with the Mosa Linas. After that, only God knows. Maybe I will settle down and become a plan-person who stays in the same place for over a year. I doubt it.

Anyhow, that is the foreseeable (as foreseeable as possible) future of my life.