on the reuptake

Research has been done, inquiries have been made, planning has occurred (is occurring), decisions have been executed, and action has been taken.

I’ll be back on the road! The European road, that is. I’ve been on the Florida road for the past several months. Round and round and round from Naples to Orlando to Gainesville. I’ve had a (surprisingly and thankfully) wonderful few months back in the US. Despite a rocky ‘I-want-to-be-back-in-Europe’ start (and nothing important to do), I have come to really enjoy and appreciate the time I’ve had here. So many wonderful moments with family, ex-roommates, and friends. Traveling, meeting new people, and doing new things is great; but having people that really know you and get you, and people that you can knowledgeably, and deeply and lovingly invest in is irreplaceable. Thanks for being as awesome as Europe, everybody.

So, after what feels like ten thousand potential ideas, opportunities, and mild plans: I’ve finally gotten something concrete. First on the itinerary – it’s back to Ireland! I’ve been advised to never move backwards, always and only forwards. But clearly the people giving this advice have never been to Ireland. Also they aren’t aware that there is a Wwoof farm that makes herbal products, as well as a seaweed farm (still crossing my fingers for that one to work out). I mean really, moving forward and adding new pins to your map, new cultures to your being, new tastes to your palate (etc, etc.) is wonderful, but a seaweed farm?! Where you can sleep on a sailboat?! And I’ve been wanting to learn about making essential oils and the like for several years now, so mission soon to be well accomplished. Actually though, I would be equally happy going somewhere new. It just so happens that it is undeniably more practical (financially, logically, and beneficially) to return to Ireland. I’ll be Wwoofing again for two months. After which I will meet up with my oh-so-wonderful ex-roommates Valerie and [prior travelmate] Christy Lu. Whereby we will commence our epic journey which has acquired the title: It’s about to be a – WHAT?! – a birthright! The idea behind the trip, in case the title does not seem self-explanatory, is that we’ll be visiting the countries that boast our heritage. And a few countries in between. Because we’re not traveling luxuriously (seriously, does that sound like something I would do?). Oh no, we will be backpacking, couchsurfing, hitchhiking adventurers! Our tour will span over three and a half months and fifteen countries. Prepare to…read, be jealous…live vicariously, hopefully be inspired…hopefully not shake your head and say ‘I told you so’ upon reading headlines of three horrifically dead (instinctively I was going to say ‘teenagers’, but that certainly isn’t accurate) girls…