the man who doesn’t fear pajamas

Sometimes things just don’t work out how you planned for them to work out. Control: we don’t have it. But we try so hard to believe that we do.

This morning I was destined to be in Boston by nightfall. I had my dinner planned out, I knew what the sleeping arrangement was going to be, I had a schedule of how things were supposed to happen. Today somewhere between feeling ill from copious amounts of sugar and then consuming further copious amounts of sugar, that plan failed. We took the train back to Princeton and retrieved the car. But on the way to Boston dear ol’ Corvin decided to go on strike. Maybe it had to do with ignoring all of the warnings and alerts, maybe it was a protest of all of the miles we’ve been putting on him, or perhaps he is revolting against leaving Florida (I would have a car that was partial to the tropics). Regardless of the reason, my poor car stopped working. On the highway. It just…stopped accelerating. I performed this battery trick my dad had coached me on before we left, and that served as a temporary solution. Unfortunately a little more temporary than was really optimal. Like maybe five minutes. So we found the nearest Toyota dealer (after calling my dad, twice). Which was miraculously close. Though it took about five more battery maneuvers to get there, we did indeed make it before it closed. So much for not driving in New York City!

I am not excited about my car breaking down. I’m not stoked about being thrown off schedule. But as usual, a lot of things went way better than they could have, and probably better than they statistically should have. It’s a miracle we were so close to a Toyota dealership, that we were in NYC where we were able to just take the subway back to Sarah’s place, that we had stopped at Trader Joe’s earlier to buy food, and most of all that we were all safe and unharmed. When we started driving this afternoon, I had this really negative feeling. In my brain I interpreted it as ‘we are going to wreck today’. It was so strong I could barely force myself to sleep. I awoke to Cassie pulling over because the acceleration stopped. How grateful I am that it was something so harmless.

Over the past few years I’ve come to the conclusion it is not worth worrying about what’s going to happen when you don’t have all your facts, and you have even less control. I could have stressed about all of the potential outcomes of the situation, I could have made plans A through Z. But it’s quite simply a waste of time and unnecessary as well. So I handed over my keys and re-entered both mentally and physically into the NYC portion of our trip. Sarah picked up cupcakes on her way home. We all pretty immediately donned pajamas, and preceded to have a picnic out by the river. Followed by a few rounds of pictionary telephone. Sometimes non-serendipitous events can be accompanied by really pleasant moments.


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