Sunita’s mother came to visit from the east coast. With a spare few days we scrounged up, we all piled into the car (‘the car’ being Sunita’s, since mine is the epitome of finicky) for a mini road trip. Our destination was Cape Perpetua, Oregon: home of so-called Thor’s Well. I say so-called, because apparently until recently no such title existed and that particular parcel of land was no more fantastic than any other. It gained recognition when a photographer named his photo of the seeming hole in the ocean ‘Thor’s Well’. And then flocks, droves, multitudes of people appeared at the visitor center in Cape Perpetua and asked where to find Thor’s Well (I suspect this popularity is widely due to Pinterest, but who knows?). Meanwhile the poor people of the visitor center had no idea what this ‘Thor’s Well’ business was about. Anyways, it’s now a thing, and while it isn’t listed on the maps of the area, it is pretty widely recognized.


Sunita found a campground for us literally across the road. I am usually quite fond of camping. But this campground in particular is an exceptional place. One of the most charming settings ever. We had our own private walkway into our campsite, which was set just alongside a small stream. The other sites were just as spectacular. I could probably live in several of them quite happily.


My dad’s thirty-year-old tent made a resurgence for the occasion. It is old and smelly and leaves your hands a powdery grey after set up or break down, but I am rather attached to it. It traveled painstakingly in pieces with my Birthright Backpacking crew whereby it was featured as our wet, but much appreciated home in the middle of Bruges, Belgium. And it sheltered us after one of two failed hitchhiking days on the trip, somewhere in the middle of Sweden. It also embarked on the Mosa Lina road trip, where it perched near the rim of the Grand Canyon. Someday I will spend actual money and buy a new tent with cool features (lightweightness!) and not a weird moldy smell and actual functional waterproofing. But for now, I am happy to lovingly use this one as my outdoor quarters. Well…except for when we use Sunita’s two-person tent….which we didn’t in this situation because we had three people and a dog. A large dog who is really keen on sleeping on top of people.



After setting up camp, we did a short hike to see the view of the coast. The view was perhaps more spectacular than Thor’s Well itself. Which is proven, apparently, by the fact that I don’t have any actual pictures (at this time) of Thor’s Well. Umm…so…yeah. We arrived too late on our first day to see it properly, so we had to wait until high tide at noon on the following day. We spent a while watching and taking pictures, but it never really got as epic as I expected. It was cool. Just not as fancy as some pictures would lead you to believe. I assume some days are better than others. But, because of this, we were able to get much closer than we had expected. The three of us sat for ages just watching it fill and overflow with water and then just as quickly suck back down and release again into the ocean.



A chunk of time was devoted to taking a successful jumping photo, of which this is the closest we came. With all of our giggling, and Sunita’s mother’s lack-of-being-impressedness, we deemed this an entirely appropriate and acceptable photo.


On the way home we stopped in Astoria for dinner at St George Brewing Co, which I learned from one of my customers has truffle pizza. Unfortunately due to a series of tragic events, truffle pizza was not acquired. Next time, however, truffle pizza will be mine.