sharkbite winter

So, returning home from holidays on the east coast wasn’t the most welcoming experience.

My house was 20° (twenty degrees!), my water was completely frozen, my car was covered in a sheet of ice and the door was frozen shut, and, ironically, my freezer was broken (my ice cube tray merely held exceptionally-cold-puddles). Day two my usual thawing-of-the-garden-hose (how my house gets water) proved the water situation was worse than the usual issue. Day three I learned it wasn’t due to the indoor pipes, either. Day four I finally got water flowing, but it came with a cascading leak.

I can’t shower.
I can’t wash my hands.
I can’t wash dishes.
I have to remember to bring home jars of water so I can make tea.

But, but I’m not bothered. There were a few hours of being frustrated and having the beginning flutters of feeling anxious. But it quickly dissipated. You figure it out, you make it work. I feel like….I want to be able to handle anything this world throws at me. I can. I have. This life is so much easier once you realize you have made it beyond every single tumultuous situation you have encountered. It happened, it’s in the past, you’re okay. So, while my life has been a whole lot less convenient (and decidedly less clean) lately, it’s fine. It’s…life experiences. It’s new skills. It’s stretching and adaptation, pushing past your comfort zone, expanding your capacity to exist. And, let’s be honest, running water is a luxury.IMG_4271