my textual silhouette









Who am I?

Call me Kendall or Rae, call me Cyborg or Cy.

I am an extraordinary being –
made so by a loving and incredible God,
living life as fully as I can muster.
I have a deep heart and a convoluted mind.

I am seeking life beyond my comfort zone.
my plan is to love everyone,
travel the world,
and live passionately.

I like sleeping in nontraditional places –
such as bathtubs, hammocks, sheet forts…
more than just about anything I like being outdoors
(…in places that aren’t Florida.)
when possible I drink excessive amounts of tea.
I kind of adore feeding people.
I have an affinity for the ocean, and aversion to the beach.
the concept of minimalism is very appealing to me.
I find poetry and humor in the commonplace rather than the contrived.
I find cutting my own hair very satisfying.
I like sinking my hands into soil.
my favorite color is clear. yes, it’s a color.
Oh yes, and:


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