have you heard about me and the sea?

have you heard about me and the sea?
that noble pursuit of existing free
the chance to run wild (but not to flee)

the one where I slip off to foreign lands
ditch my current, well-worn plans
and lose my heart all over again

indefinitely, indelibly disappear
to oceans away from what’s been near
find another place to call my here

submit myself to irrevocable change
to the unknown, and to the strange
participate in a rare and magnificent exchange

learn to unfurl into curious new places
and find in myself newly filled spaces
a permanent scar of those distant traces



the map room

my equilibrium feels jostled. my lungs expand and contract heavily. my cheeks betray tears through a wet smear that won’t sink in. the world is feeling too large to comprehend. I combat – or retreat. beneath a table, in a room soaked in warm light. my belly and my spine gently cradled between solid objects. an attempt to make smaller my perception of the world, until it becomes a more manageable size. leaking and pooling and seeping into the blue, blue beneath my tender face – my tears expel the disconcertedness of my being. echoes in hollowed form. and then, and then my spirit can rise again – can fill again the halls of my newly uncluttered mind, body, self.

account of a solitude

when ends the constant motion
and forgets persistent forms
at desperation lingers hope
where leave brings grateful storms
on mountains etched in black ink
through teacups of time passed
from memories paved in magic
so caught in rainbowed glass
as worlds drift past each keyhole
for those wonders of the still
if steps form on a pathway
or nature claims its fill
by weightless contemplations
with sleep a heavy stack
a tangle of frayed endings
all come winding back
of creatures formed by shadow
to exist because the sun
in tings and notes of solitude
the chaos falls undone

V for Vendetta [swede]

As usual Kev, Cassiopeia, and I put off starting a project until just before it should be finished. This particular event concerned the Fifth of November. We decided to swede V for Vendetta. If you are not familiar with the term to swede then you really ought to watch the film Be Kind Rewind. For the sake of those who have not seen it I will define a swede for you. A swede is a short, no-budget, homemade version of a film. It is kind of like a re-enactment of a film’s summary. So we created sets, put together costumes, wrote out a script, filmed, created sound effects, and edited our swede in two weeks. We just barely finished by the Fifth of November. Following is the finished product. And the bloopers.



IMG_7052On a walk beyond borders I observed wonders unknown.
Along the path were feather-shaped leaves that had fallen beneath the tall, smooth trees: memoirs of mythical birds traveling past from mythical lands.
Sprinkled about were tiny, glittering transparent flecks: Star flakes, fossilized bubbles, mermaid scales, or faerie skin.
Loyally beside the trail lived a stream long asleep. Further along – past stretches of light, past canopies of shadow, past a moss covered sanctuary carpeted with thick fern – the stream awakened into a thunderous waterfall.
The place of death, the place of life; silent and musical; tranquil and playful; constant and ever-changing, home of deepest sadness and highest joy.
I heard music composed of sweetest notes. An ageless song played by massive creaking trees; Birds sing an expressive, lyricless melody; Cascading water leads the crescendo.
Long beams of golden sun glint off of blue flitting dragonflies and lazily floating butterflies of every color and pattern.
The smell of cold, wet dirt; of countless sweet flowers: the smell of the earth seeps in through the skin.
Here life is discovered.

do you like music?

In honor of the Fifth of November Kev and I made V-shaped pancakes and watch the infamous Camera Timer Saga from our first Fifth of November celebration. For the past few weeks Kev and I have been constructing a miniature version of Parliament out of various cardboard boxes. Parliament features boxes of: Tazo Tea, Spaghetti, Aluminum Foil, Orange Juice, Nutella, Lasagna, Butter, Votives, and Junior Achievement.IMG_6488We managed to acquire a generous amount of fireworks (brothers come in handy…) with which we lined each of the boxes. After it was all aligned and hot-glued together we spray painted it a very dull gray which made it very strongly resemble the Daily Bugle room portion of the line for the Spider-man ride at Universal Studios. For the final touch we attached Big Ben’s clock faces.ParliamentLast night at 11:40 we headed to a remote location with bowls/pitchers of water, trash bags, cameras, V masks, Lighter fluid, and Parliament. At approximately 12:00, the beginning of the Fifth of November, we struck the match and Parliament started to explode. IMG_6502“Kristin and I blew up parliament tonight. All went well, there are no injuries, there is no damage, and we were not arrested.”