backfiring cars and their human equivalents

Today commences the long awaited Mosa Lina road trip. This venture has been in our minds and on paper for around five years now, and is finally being realized. The Mosa Lina Road Trip was imagined in high school, extensively discussed and loosely planned, postponed, shortened, and the itinerary has been shuffled around. Now here we are on the road.

To be honest I’ve had my own hesitations regarding this whole journey recently. Partially in that I’ve enjoyed my short bout of settled life in Olympia (and did not particularly want to give it up). And partially because so many aspects of this trip aren’t my preference. Rapid succession traveling, primarily big city visiting, and constantly lots of people (in other words: little alone time) aren’t my favorite. But I’m glad to be here. I’m glad to not get too comfortable, I’m glad to be spending time once again with Cassie, Christy, and Kristin, glad for the opportunity to see the sky across America, to taste the foods of these little culture centers, to see all shades of street art, to smell cities and tiny towns and oceans and forests and desert, to hear traffic and silence and wind and music, and to further expand my mind and heart past what I’ve known. I hope my fears and misconceptions are proven wrong every day, and that I am astounded ceaselessly by the experiences I have exploring this country, and that my time sharing life with the individuals throughout this trip is positively life changing in even the most infinitesimal of ways for both me and for them.

The first day has been a good one. The weather in Florida has been uncharacteristically nice during my few short days here. Thankfully. I haven’t even had to make an effort to refrain from complaining! We started the trip with I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), had a very fabulous experience (as usual) at The Top – our favorite restaurant, and finished the evening watching Mean Girls. To my jubilance, we had the company of Holly, Brandon, and Brian upon our arrival in my once-home city of Gainesville. And even a short visit with Su, a woman whom Christy and I secretly sort of want to grow up to be.

Florida driving