declaration of intentions

I’ve been thinking lately, about the purpose of this blog.

It began as a way to share my adventures abroad with the masses. I found that after trips, when I returned home, I repeated every incident and detail to every person I encountered. I am not fond of repeating myself. I rather dislike speaking as it is, and especially on the topic of myself. But mainly, I find that when something is related again and again it starts to feel fake. So I decided to keep a blog with the hope that upon my return I could just sort of fill in the blanks.

In the beginning I assumed that only my mom and close friends would actually read my blog. This turned out to be false. While my mom faithfully has my blog page bookmarked, most of my closest friends have read maybe one post, if that. And apparently I have unforeseen audience members as well. Friends and family back home, as well as a small army of people that I’ve met through said adventures also keep up at least from time to time. And now random people from Russia, Bagladesh, and other such places where I am pretty certain I have neither friends nor acquaintances are checking in. So that was unexpected. Who knew?

Meanwhile, refraining from repeating myself became quite low on the reasons for these writings. It has evolved into a general public database for my memories, as well as a creative outlet, a means to process my thoughts, and a way to practice conveying myself. Surprisingly (to me), I began to genuinely enjoy it.

So what is it now? I’m not sure, to be honest. It is certainly not what it was when I started.

I write simply to record things I’d like to remember, I still write to share my stories with friends and family, I write to share ideas and experiences with the world of people behind the Google search button (I’ve been there many times), and I write to inspire simplicity and adventure. I have no belief that my life is any greater than anyone else’s, but I do seek to live intentionally. A focus that, I fear, is being lost. So, I also want to share the story of a life lived intentionally and meaningfully. Hopefully anything that is published on these walls of html is aligned with any or all of the above.


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