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nyc bridge

So despite the car being out of commission, we made use of our extra time in NYC. Mr. and Mrs. H came home and gracefully provided excellent food and loads of patience and support. We consumed toxic levels of sugar. I got married. We pretended to go to Boston up until we reached the bus station (poor, deserted Boston pizza tour, someday I will attend to you). We got a cookie cake and split it amongst the four of us in Central Park. We pawned off the last piece, which simply read ‘sexy’ to some passersby. I vomited my quarter of said cookie cake. We walked the Brooklyn Bridge. At long last Corvin came back to life, and we set off once again.

My parents just happened to be in Ohio while we were passing through. Which was about as exciting for me as anything else on the trip, since I now see them only a few times per year, living on the other side of the country and all. Ohio mostly involved catching up with extended family, since I now see them only once every few years. There was a small family dinner for my dad’s side, and the traditional huge family dinner for my mom’s side. I got to meet my new, twin first cousins once removed. I got to visit my grandma before her open heart surgery. Great quantities of pumpkin bread were consumed, and my grandma sent two loaves with us on our journey, loaves which were greatly enjoyed and appreciated. We also made multiple trips to Swenson’s, which is now one of two situations in which I will consume meat of my own volition (the other being homemade Cuban sandwiches). One of our trips was the midnight walk. Which is a bit odd, since Swenson’s is a drive-in ‘lights on for service’ restaurant. But we claimed our parking spot and consumed our amazingbestintheworld burgers and milkshakes happily.

OH Swensons


wow, gee whiz, golly wolly…

Sarah, my best friend for the entirety of my childhood, lives in New York City. Her and her family were out of town, but they offered to let us stay at their apartment. We accepted.    NYC

The first night we made use of a sweet hookup at the Empire State Building. We got our tickets half off, were escorted past all of the lines, and received VIP postcards. Needless to say, we felt pretty fancy. It was exceptionally windy, and it was really beautiful. Well worth visiting, but perhaps not at full price.

Day two started off in Central Park, where I believe a lot of time should be spent when in New York City. Maybe it defeats the purpose of being in a city, spending as much time as possible in a park, but not in my mind. There is something so pleasant about being in a place that is so very chaotic, and being able to grasp a bit of calm. We also took the Staten Island Ferry.

NYC central park

NYC ferry

On Sunday we had tickets to see The Lion King. It was phenomenal. So much creativity and talent. If I were the crying sort, I would have cried and cried at just how impressive and gripping it was. I am definitely glad to have had the opportunity to see it.

NYC cp

I took a personal day in New York. I was pretty impressed that I proactively claimed personal days on the trip, since usually I fail at it. But in hindsight, I still didn’t take enough. I get so caught up in doing things, that I forget my mind needs a break, a reordering, a calm and a resurgence. During the course of my “I’m an introvert, solitude please” morning, I read an article from Donald Miller, where he pretty much covered the reason for my need for a break from humans. It was mostly a relaxed, mosey-ish day. But a few things it included were: Yaffa Cafe, a bookstore, a few strolls through various parts of NYC, and some nature time in Central Park. I also may have visited Trader Joe’s, which I’ve heard has a crazy busy location in Manhattan. The line actually took under thirty seconds, despite what I had been told.

Sarah came home on our last evening. We had dinner and watched The Princess Diaries, which is pretty much a requirement for us whenever we’re together at this point. I think this is also the night we made fondue. But everything is such a blur, now three months later. Anyways, we had fondue one night, and I’m pretty sure all of us felt lardily ill and deliciously filled with deliciousness. Sarah is an awesome cook and baker, and I haven’t yet tried anything that wasn’t impressive. I choose my friends wisely.

NYC Sarah

*photos courtesy of Cassiopeia, Kev, and Lu. All of whom are better, and more motivated photographers than I am.